Xiaomi manages to sell Redmi Note 7: smartphone breaks all records

Xiaomi не успевает продавать Redmi Note 7: смартфон бьет все рекорды

Redmi Note 7

The start of sales of smartphone Redmi Note 7 is delayed because of an accident at the plant Xiaomi, which delivery jumped as much as 7 days. Despite the problems, the buyers arranged a huge hype around new products, making the first smartphone from the new sub-brand Redmi the most sold in the history of Chinese manufacturer. Besides, the first batch of devices sold in just a matter of seconds.

Xiaomi не успевает продавать Redmi Note 7: смартфон бьет все рекорды

Xiaomi said that smartphones fly in minutes, without having to appear on the website. In just 15 days was sold more than 1 million smartphones Redmi Note 7 is an impressive result for a mobile device, which is currently sold only in China. View, you get to surpass these figures to its competitors.

Moreover, the manufacturer does not have time to cope with the demand: for all trading venues already collected a total of about 7 million applications from those wishing to buy a new product. Xiaomi is not yet able to replenish inventory, so users can only expect. This is not surprising, because the smartphone for $ 150 got top 48-megapixel camera.

Xiaomi не успевает продавать Redmi Note 7: смартфон бьет все рекорды

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