Xiaomi Mi 9 disappointed Ukrainians kin will not be

Xiaomi Mi 9 разочаровал украинцев: кина не будет

Xaiomi Mi 9

February 21, 2019, the head of the company Xiaomi lei Zun announced that a mobile device in less than one day of sales bought more than 1 million people living in China. However, for residents of Ukraine the company is bad news.

Xiaomi Mi 9 разочаровал украинцев: кина не будет

As it turned out, to buy the Xiaomi Mi 9 in China until end of February definitely will not work, and the shortage of this mobile device can be stored until the end of March, if not longer. The reason is that the company simply does not have time to produce this amount of phones to satisfy demand in China, not to mention other countries. Now fans will have to wait until the soup will not be on the shelves of Ukraine. However, during this time, the smartphone will undoubtedly be cheaper, which will make your purchase more pleasing.

Xiaomi Mi 9 разочаровал украинцев: кина не будет

Thus, waiting for the appearance of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 in the shops on the territory of Ukraine before the beginning of April, just not worth it, because at first the manufacturer needs to cope with the shortage in the domestic market. Recall that the price at the moment is only 12 000 UAH, and for this price you can get a top-end flagship that is able to compete even with the iPhone XS Max.

Recall that the hackers managed to hack the game Metro Exodus just 5 days after the release of the project. Apparently, the defense worked well, as sales of the game is quite good, and it’s only for 5 days. Now the pirates will be able to download the game for free online.

Earlier Znayu reported that the network has shown a 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019. The laptop from Apple Corporation will get a top-end processor and huge screen. Apparently this model is suitable for those who work in video and photo editors, which need a large space to work.

Znayu wrote that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 began to fall sharply in price. It is reported that at the time he was sold for 30 thousand hryvnias. Now in stores you can find over 20 000 hryvnia.

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