Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will get an unrealistic feature: better sit down

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 получит нереальную функцию: лучше сядьте

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Before the official presentation of the sports bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 only a few months, and this means that the wait for his appearance still need quite a bit. This week it became known about the main features of the device, which will change the idea of smart bracelets.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 получит нереальную функцию: лучше сядьте

It is already known that the novelty will please buyers color screen support touch control, support for magnetic charging, strap with perforations and reliable fastener, as well as numerous other features, one of which would be the barometric altimeter for measurement of gained height. However, we already have competitors, so surprised by the presence of all these features, no one will. The main feature of the device will be the availability of GPS who can navigate the terrain and even to make routes.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 получит нереальную функцию: лучше сядьте

Through this module, the bracelet will be able to determine its location in space, and to connect it to a smartphone is not necessary. In addition, the rates of speed and climb when running or riding a bike will be reasonably accurate.

Recall that the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaked to the network. It is reported that the device will get the fancy screen like the Galaxy S10, and the holes in the display under the front camera. In addition, on the back of the device will house a Quad camera that will surpass the quality of the photo even Galaxy S10, the price of which starts from 25 thousand hryvnia.

Earlier Znayu reported that the Nokia PureView camera phone 9 checked for maintainability. It turned out that under the body of a huge amount of glue, and to disassemble the apparatus, it is necessary to Unscrew the 13 bolts. However, in home conditions, the smartphone can be repaired, but you should have patience.

Znayu wrote that the head of Huawei announced that, if necessary, may abandon Android and Windows 10 for our devices. Most likely, the company already is developing its own smartphone OS, and even PCs. However, when the world sees the creation of the Chinese Corporation is unknown.

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