Xiaomi ridiculed Huawei P30: last year’s chips and a huge price tag

Xiaomi высмеяла Huawei P30: прошлогодние фишки и огромный ценник

Huawei P30 Pro

Xiaomi company, through its British division yesterday immediately after the announcement of the Huawei Huawei Pro P30 and P30 have ridiculed the smartphone competitor, focusing on the fact that they use last year’s system-on-chip. However, it is in the style of Xiaomi, because the companies are direct competitors, which occupy a leading position in China market and Europe.

Xiaomi высмеяла Huawei P30: прошлогодние фишки и огромный ценник

Later on the official website of Xiaomi in social network Twitter has published new reports on the subject. The phrase “is this really necessary?”, which can be interpreted in the question, and whether in fact this smartphone is accompanied by the following picture. Quite an unusual joke that not everyone will understand.

Xiaomi высмеяла Huawei P30: прошлогодние фишки и огромный ценник

In addition, Xiaomi published the picture, which compares the specifications and price of Huawei and Xiaomi Mi P30 9, which shows all the advantages of analog from Xiaomi.

Recall that the Xiaomi Mi 9X appeared on the network. It is worth noting that the device will appear on your Board with Android One, which is considered the bare OS without any customization from the manufacturer smartphones. Judging by the performance, Xiaomi will once again present a camera-phone, as filling it, though not the flagship, but the camera on the level. It is possible that it will bypass even the vaunted iPhone XS Max, which is today a little outdated.

Earlier Znayu reported that Nintendo Switch will appear in the budget version. This is great news for those who didn’t want to spend money on console games. Everyone can buy a budget version, but with some technical limitations.

Znayu wrote that Xiaomi has introduced a smart computer Desk for gamers. It is reported that the table is able to be raised and lowered to the desired height, and remember 3 of the regulations, if it is not one gamer. The device will have to pay as much as 270 dollars.

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