Xiaomi showed Mijia electric scooter Electric Scooter Pro for $415

Xiaomi показала электроскутер Mijia Electric Scooter Pro за $415

Mijia Electric Scooter Pro

The range of the company Xiaomi added a new electric scooter. Model called Mijia Electric Scooter Pro valued at $ 415 (11 300 UAH.). It would seem that the scooter is a huge price, but he’s not. The main feature will amaze any user on the network.

Xiaomi показала электроскутер Mijia Electric Scooter Pro за $415

The design in General, regarding the regular version has not changed, but the scooter has received a number of important improvements. For example, there is now a display, which displays useful information, including speed, mode of travel, and so on. However, it should be, and it is rather negative for the first version of scooter than a plus for the second. Check out the review on this electric scooter on myproscooter.com and see a detailed take on its features.

The battery capacity has increased from 280 to 474 W·h, which should be enough for 45 km. Weight as expected increased from 12.5 to 14.2 kg. But the maximum speed is also limited to 25 km/h. User weight must not exceed 100 kg. However, more than 25 kilometers per hour to go just not worth it. Agree, for fans to ride without a helmet even this speed when falling can be fatal. A power reserve of 45 km is more than enough to move around the city throughout the day.

Xiaomi показала электроскутер Mijia Electric Scooter Pro за $415

About the release date on the market of Ukraine are not yet known, but the price can not but rejoice.

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