Xiaomi showed ultra-fast charging from 0 to 100 in 17 minutes

Xiaomi показала сверхбыструю зарядку смартфона: от 0 до 100 за 17 минут

Xiaomi has surprised the world with unusual technology

Xiaomi company is working on new technology for ultra-fast charging Super Charge Turbo. Apparently, the company is not satisfied with the speed of charging of modern smartphones and is preparing to introduce a new service that will change the idea of long recharging gadgets.

CEO of Xiaomi Lin Bin (Lin Bin) has published a video on the social network Weibo with her demonstration. It is known that the charging power is 100 watts. It is capable of charging a smartphone battery 4000 mAh in just 17 minutes. This is an incredible figure. It is almost two times faster than the technology SuperVOOC from Oppo, which is currently the fastest in the world. In theory, it may change the attitude of charging, and leave the camera “on the night” at the outlet there is simply no need.

Unfortunately, except for a short clip, Lin Bin has not informed other details about Super Charge Turbo. We can assume that it will support the next flagship smartphone of the company, who exactly will appear in 2019.

Recall that the Sony PlayStation 5 before the release managed to disappoint the fans. It is reported that no longer can you buy a used game discs in order to save. The new console will not drive and the only solution will be by purchase Steam games. This means that the company decided to spare the users the opportunity to save.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi Mi Play appeared in Ukraine. In fact, this is a budget device that will appreciate a good filling, but a nice price. The unit itself is sold at a price of 4699 hryvnia, making it the best state to date.

Znayu wrote that Google will update the Chrome browser. Apparently, the browser refuses to support service Flash, which by modern standards significantly outdated. Instead, you will use more advanced services that consume significantly fewer resources.

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