Xiaomi smartphones kill: a published list of models that emit radiation

Смартфоны Xiaomi убивают: опубликован список моделей, излучающих радиацию

Any electronic devices emit a slight radiation, which is quite normal, however, if it is present in large quantities, it adversely affects the health of the user.

The most common symptoms is headaches, which occur after several hours chatting on the phone. Scientists company Statista recently published a study that shed light on the fact that smartphones Xiaomi and OnePlus have a high level of radiation radiation.

Смартфоны Xiaomi убивают: опубликован список моделей, излучающих радиацию


Against this background, a lot of fans of these companies began to worry. It turns out that to use the products of these companies is quite dangerous. In this regard, it decided interfered with the Xiaomi company, which told about the high level of radiation in their products. The strongest radiation emanates from the models Mi A1, Mi Max 3, Mix Mi 3 and Redmi Note 5, which was released a year and a half ago.

As it became known from the company Xiaomi, which commented on such information, the smartphone is completely safe for humans and all other living creatures, as they fully meet all the requirements for sale worldwide. For example, every Xiaomi phone released in recent years, sold in these regions of the world where there are certain restrictions of the Council of the European Union. They say that the radiation level may not exceed 2.0 watts per kilogram.

Смартфоны Xiaomi убивают: опубликован список моделей, излучающих радиацию

For comparison, in the Mi model A1, which was recognized as the most radioactive among all smartphones on the market, this ratio is 1.75 watts per kilogram, said the company Xiaomi.

This means that each of its telephones in fully safe to use, since the radiation level is in the acceptable range. For comparison, models Samsung Galaxy S9, the radiation level is at the level of 0.29 W / kg, and LG G7 at the level of 0.17 watts per kilogram. Therefore, everything existing now on the market, the smartphones that took part in the testing Statista absolutely safe.

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