Xiaomi spoke about the new feature of the smartphones of 2019

Xiaomi рассказала о новых фишках смартфонов 2019 года

Xiaomi smartphones will get a good camera

About a year ago, the company Xiaomi has created a separate Department which deals with developments in the field of mobile photography. Released last year, the Mix slider Xiaomi Mi 3 has proven that the Corporation is not spending time in vain.

Xiaomi рассказала о новых фишках смартфонов 2019 года

Executive Director of Xiaomi lei Jun (Lei Jun), communicating with fans on the social network Weibo, touched on this subject, stating that this year fans of the company’s products include excellent camera. Apparently, we are talking about the public sector, the main feature of which will be a fancy camera. For example, the Redmi Note 7 has already become almost the most popular smartphone January 2019, were sold at a price of $ 150, but the camera had been the flagship.

Xiaomi рассказала о новых фишках смартфонов 2019 года

According to him, the company invests a lot of money and a lot of time to improve the cameras of its smartphones. Significant the fruit industry will see in the near future. There is no doubt that the Chinese company has prepared something special.

Recall that the digital music service Spotify is planning to block the accounts of millions of users. Apparently, the company does not want users turned on the ad blocker. Yes, this service provides advertising for users of the free version. It is worth noting that these users are clearly more than a million.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi company has patented an unusual display that has no cutouts or holes in the display. Instead, the two frontal cameras will be placed at the corners of the upper part of the display, and look like they will be unnoticed.

Znayu wrote that the Sony PlayStation 5 again surprised users. It is reported that the new console generation is able to work with projects that were created in previous generations of consoles. This means that the Sony PlayStation 4 can safely throw it out the window.

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