“Yellow vest” opened fire on the cops: there are victims

"Желтый жилет" открыл огонь по копам: есть пострадавшие

Throughout France continue to protest so-called “yellow jackets.” The twelfth wave was peaceful. In Nantes protester opened fire with a pistol at police, leaving several people injured.

This is reported by local media.

The incident occurred on Saturday, February 2. One of the demonstrators in the French city of Nantes opened fire on the police. Injured two police officers and one journalist.

On Saturday the protest movement of the “yellow jackets” in Paris, he published more than 13 thousand people.

According to the government, approximately 2000 people were injured during protests. Four of the seriously injured eye. 10 people died in road incidents that provoked manguvaljak.

Recall that all participants in unauthorized protests in France, will be severely punished. This was confirmed personally by the Prime Minister Edward Philip.

As reported by “Know.ia”, “yellow jackets” and began their protest in Israel. Hundreds of caring took to the streets of cities such as tel Aviv and Jerusalem, to Express outrage at the increase.

Previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that among the activists (the so-called “yellow jackets”) that are protesting in France against the rise of prices of motor fuel, was the Pro-Russian terrorist from Donbass.

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