“You can burn the machine”: the heating of the motor KIA Rio heater told the owner of the

The owner of a KIA Rio told about the warming up of the motor vehicle, and also about how dangerous the use of PETN (tubular electric heater) in winter.

«Можно сжечь машину»: О прогреве мотора KIA Rio тэнами рассказал владелец

According to the blogger, in Rio the 4th generation of the heater is embedded by default, so that, as said by many commentators, already one minute after the motor is started from the stove starts to go warm air that has nothing to do with warming up the engine. The motorist decided by example to test this heater and came to a disappointing conclusion: the air begins to be heated only in 3 minutes. After that, the heat flux was directed onto the windshield and the driver spotted the time at which it is completely thawed out from the crust of ice and snow, which appeared on his “Korean” for a night of inactivity.

«Можно сжечь машину»: О прогреве мотора KIA Rio тэнами рассказал владелец

To melt the ice to the point where it will easily be able to remove the wiper motor KIA Rio took a little more than 10 minutes and that’s taking into account the fact that all the heat settings were turned to max, “Well, of course I would like to have the engine quickly warmed up!”. Commentators did not appreciate such slow warm up of the engine and warned the motorist, what are the implications of such load on the stove KIA Rio: “Yes with these settings the stove – can I burn the car. The engine just will not stand!”.