YouTube has tightened the rules publication: the head of Google gave the first review

YouTube ужесточила правила публикации: глава Google дал первый комментарий


The strengthening of control over placement of content on YouTube has caused a storm of negativity on the part of users and authors videos. The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai decided to comment on this decision of the company. In any case, the rules are pretty much cinched waist popular video bloggers, who are now breaking the rules of placing video content on the Google service.

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As reported the head of the Corporation said that work YouTube is improving, but admitted that the video service had unresolved issues the quality of the algorithms of the selection of recommended materials. However, it is only a matter of time, so users will have to wait until Google creates an algorithm that will work correctly.

Now, the service will recommend videos based on their quality. However, this is quite logical, as terrible content would alienate users from services.

Quality content will be given a clear advantage, and the promotion and monetization of extremist or “edge” (formally allowed content) are either prohibited or curtailed in the advertising privileges.

YouTube ужесточила правила публикации: глава Google дал первый комментарий

Recall that the experts have announced a release date for the next flagship from Samsung. According to analysts, the Galaxy Note 10 appears in stores in late August or early September. Among other things, it is worth noting that the device will hit stores in four versions, two of them will support 5G network. About the prices while to speak early, but one of the modifications will cost about $ 1,200, which is to be expected for the price tag of this phablet.

Earlier Znayu reported that Samsung called the release dates are fixed flexible smartphone Galaxy Fold, which previously started to massively break down. The company has for several months tried to fix the problem, and she did it.

Znayu wrote that Huawei will release a new OS for its smartphones, and under different names in different markets. According to rumors, the new OS will be presented at the end of the summer or in early autumn, but the smartphone will hit stores in early 2020.

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