Zara sells clothing for pregnant women

In the biggest store retail chain Zara, a Department for pregnant women, created in order to expectant mothers stylish.

Zara запускает в продажу одежду для беременныхExpectant mothers will be able to purchase many items of clothing, including slim jeans, dresses and even bag for mom. In the modified collection, there is also casual clothing and shoes such as short scarves and comfortable shoes.

The website of the trading network says: “the Selection of clothes for pregnant should not be difficult! From fashion to comfy stretch-figures, with the latest trends. Our new online collection of maternity clothing offers options for all women.” So Zara ensures that even during pregnancy women customers look stylish and fashionable.

Zara – a Spanish retail chain Inditex group, founded in 1975. The main feature is that of designing a new clothing line prior to its sale Zara takes only two weeks, whereas the industry average is considered to be a period of six months.

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