Zelensky revealed the mystery of the love of my life: waiting for 8 years

Зеленский раскрыл главную тайну любви всей жизни: ждал 8 лет

In the bright winter holiday Valentine’s Day, which reminds about the imminent arrival of spring, it is necessary to tell some facts from the history of love by famous Ukrainian showman Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena. Recall that recently the comedian said about his presidential ambitions.

Vladimir Zelensky 41-year-old actor, TV host and 40-year-old Elena Zelensky, who is the author of the Studio Kvartal 95, married 6 Sep 2003. Now a couple raising 12-year-old Alexander and four year old son Kirill. This writes the portal “Politek”.

Зеленский раскрыл главную тайну любви всей жизни: ждал 8 лет

Vladimir and Elena went to the same school in different classes, but then not communicated. Only after graduated from high school and enrolled in different institutions, they accidentally met on the street. Since then they are inseparable.

Зеленский раскрыл главную тайну любви всей жизни: ждал 8 лет

On that Sunny day Vladimir along with his friend returned from the theater. Walking, the boys saw two girls. Comrade Zelensky immediately recognize “yesterday” classmates, but Vladimir no. That day he met his future wife. From that day on, Vladimir began to get the attention of Helena, which at the time was Dating another guy.

“I’ve never had problems with girls. And suddenly such a hard nut to crack! I was interested to win Lena, and after feelings have developed into love,” said Zelensky.

When Vladimir and Elena started Dating, they had to leave, because the actor was shooting, travel in other cities. Zelensky long time did not dare to make favourite the proposal to marry him. For the bold step it had taken eight years.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that one of the favorite projects of the humorist of the Studio “Quarter-95” Vladimir Zelensky “League of laughter” was launched without him. The luck of the team gathered for a new battle, and to compensate for the absence of the protagonist of the action, launched on the screen of his appeal to the audience.

We will remind, Shahi explained, this is advantageous to remove Zelensky for “public Servants”.

As reported Znaia the Ukrainian army has recorded a warm letter of “95 Quarter”.

Also Znayu wrote, Ukrainians named the richest presidential candidate: hundreds of millions of hryvnia.

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